Monday, July 12, 1999

Dj Ibumisali

Nick ONAIR/Radio: Deejay Ibumisali
Tugasan : Deejay/Penulis Bebas - Media Hiburan LuahanRasa.Com
Language: Malay
Genre Play: Multi Genre
Location Singapore
Deejin Since 7/12/2000 to 2015
Then - Website:
Now :
Then - Radio Station: LuahanRasa.FM
Now - Media writer, Youtube V/blogging &  Wb/Blogging
Listeners from?: Worldwide

I started joining radio MediaMuslim own by friend from malaysia, and at the same time i'v started slowly with my own radio online which i give a name of LuahanRasa.FM [singapore], TKO - Tranung [kelantan], NasyidFM, FungkurFM [kini di panggil FunkerFM], Red Radio,KampungFM, CeriFM & then Gomo.Fm

LuahanRasa.FM last more than 15 years till i meet with an accident in 2014 and was unable to sit and dj like i used to, thing change alot since then, but my love to be dj stop for few years in order for me to do theramasih tetap teguh berdiri.  Berdj secara sukarela jer, banyak asam garam ketika mengendalikan therapy n to be able to walk and et bak on my feet, thank Allah for giving me chance to start where i left behind, alhmdulillah syukur i was lucky to be able to walk again after long hard theraphy im all good ike a new person. My love for dj-in still in my mind but due to my condition i have to slow down n take good care of myself, have to take 1 step at a time.  so now im more to video & website blogging untill now InsyAllah.

I learn alot being a Deejay, which that you must have passion, knowledge abou music and thing that happen around you, must have lot's of info about what you going to used while dj-ing, being a dj you know lot of ppl around the world, love being a dj i feel happy n relex, itill have alot to learn n before i end this blog, i just wanna say ty to all who have supported n help me all this time till now Thank You. wassalam.

ps: more info HERE

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